Põltsamaa UHKA is an amateur female folkdance group from centre of Estonia.

They have said that dance help them to stay in sharpe, forget everyday problems, enjoy themselves and others.
Dancegroup was formed 1972 by Helbe Pung and then it consisted of school teachers only.

2001 the group changed it’s leader, accepted new dancers and named the group as UHKA. Since that time trainer of group is Kaja Kivi. 

The dancegroup has become a friendly society where everyone cares each others. Dancing is our hobby and our mission is promot and develop the folkdancing, keep it sustainable among the people and keep local traditions.

We practice twice a week and perform Estonian folk dances and stylized dances as well.

UHKA’s dancers wear white costumes from Põltsamaa district which attract attention because of their simplisity and beauty.

We have participated Europeade folklore festivals in Latvia, France, Denmark and Lithuania, Estonian Song and Dance Festivals and other local festivals and parties.

We would be glad if we would find a new friends from other folk dance groups and invitations from all over the world. And same time we are gladly introduce our beautiful small country Estonia and our nice hometown Põltsamaa.